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Colourful beach huts in Saltburn




The idea for the Beach Huts came approximately three years ago.  I was travelling around the country tendering for work with my sister company (Marshall’s Cladding & Roofing Ltd) which I established in 2001.  Along the UK Coastline and Coastal Towns I came across the installation of many Beach Huts.  I loved the idea!  Unfortunately the majority had seen better days.  Built with timber structures, in desperate need of maintenance and looking worse for wear, the once brightly painted Beach Huts were now dull and void of vibrancy, obviously losing the battle against the coastal weather.

I found myself pondering the possibility of using more sustainable low maintenance materials, with an intent to fabricate and possibly install at a future date.

As with traditional Beach Huts it was important to keep the appearance of woodgrain.  Additionally, bright vibrant colours were without question.  A dull Promenade in Saltburn by the Sea, was at the forefront of my mind!

Sometime later I, along with my team, constructed a prototype Beach Hut.

It is 2017 and here we are with our Beach Huts sitting nicely on the Lower Promenade, Saltburn.  The frame is made with steel.  This is fully anchored to the substrate with numerous anchor bolts.  Timber cladding was replaced with Fibre Cement weatherboard, and yes, our Beach Huts are painted in bright hues of red, blue, yellow, orange, green and pink.

A metal granulated roof tile including flashings, has taken the place of roof shingles or bitumen felt, and a security door also made with metal, is now in place.


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Due to my Roofing & Cladding business taking on a large project in the Ascension Islands, my prototype Beach Hut sat in my unit for almost 2 years.  I then saw an advertisement that had been placed in the press by Redcar and Cleveland Council. They were seeking ideas for the Lower Promenade, Saltburn by The Sea. This seemed the perfect opportunity to pursue my vision, my dream, to install my Beach Huts. Saltburn by the Sea, along with Seaton Carew, is where my parents took me and my siblings when we were young.  Happy memories!  It is where we all took our children, and now take our grandchildren.  I put forward my application which was followed up with members of the council viewing my Beach Hut.  It seemed to induce a lot of excitement.  Some time later my application was granted. The Beach Huts became available for hire from 15th July 2017.

Each hut is connected to mains electric supply.

Each Beach Hut has insulation placed between the outer walls and the internal plywood.  They are all supplied with electricity. My hope for the future is to have each Beach Hut connected to the mains water supply.  In the meantime, you are provided with a 5ltr sealed bottle of still water.  Along with bench style cushioned seating all huts have a sink and a breakfast table.  In addition, hire rates also include two deck chairs, a windbreaker, kettle, ceramic cups and cutlery. Additional items will be available for hire.